Principal's Message - A Purposeful Choice

Walk through the doors of Wesley Christian Academy and you will immediately feel that this is some place special. The chatter of busy children, the encouraging and wise quotations on the walls and the faces of caring, exceptionally qualified, and dedicated educators are but a few of the differences.

We are committed to providing all the necessary components to help each child reach his or her potential. An outstanding curriculum complemented with music, arts, physical education, and studies in foreign languages enrich the program. In order to develop a strong moral character, there must be a yardstick to measure it against. For us, our measure is based on Biblical Christian values.

Our success is evident in the lives of our many graduates who have gone on to attend some of the finest universities in Canada and abroad. Each story of these fine young men and women encourages us to continue to inspire, educate and love each student. Our future depends on their future. We are dedicated to ensuring that their future has every opportunity we can give. Come and see why Wesley is a purposeful choice.