ACSI Senior Boys Volleyball 2017

DSC_0699On Monday, December 4, the grade 7 and 8 boys competed at Stouffville Christian School, in the Division B senior boys volleyball tournament. The Wesley Wildfire played along with Newmarket District Christian Academy, Meadowgreen Christian Academy, Whitefield Christian School, Niagara Christian College, Stouffville Christian School, and Pickering Christian School.

DSC_0670The grade 7 and 8 boys have practised for about a month, meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at lunch recess to train and practise with Mr. Li coaching and helping them. On the day of the tournament, the Wesley Wildfire had a strong start, winning against Whitefield and Meadowgreen, in the round robin.

DSC_0675In the quarterfinals, the Wesley Wildfire had a smooth game against Niagara, advancing to the semifinals against Stouffville. Against a tall and powerful Stouffville squad, Wesley easily won the first set, but trailed and lost in the second set. Winning the first set guaranteed Wesley at least a third set in case Stouffville won their second set. Since Stouffville won, a third tie-breaking set was needed. In the third, deciding set, Wesley and Stouffville traded early leads and both teams were racing to get 15 points first. In the end, the match was very close with Wesley holding onto a narrow lead to win 15-13 and advance to the finals.

DSC_0667In the finals, they had an extremely challenging game against Newmarket. Newmarket had defeated the Wesley Wildfire boys earlier in the tournament but Wesley would battle much harder this match that mattered the most. Wesley competed very hard in the first set, almost winning the first set, but sadly, they were denied victory by only three points. In the second set, the boys tried their hardest, but the passes they made earlier were going just a little long and Newmarket’s serves were flying straight over and down onto Wesley’s court. Despite being close midway through the second set, Newmarket strung together multiple good serves to close out the second set and win the championship.

Despite losing in the finals, the Wesley Wildfire still showed all other schools how to play some exceptional volleyball with teammates partnering together to pass and attack as a combo and players giving their full effort to keep the ball up in play. Great job boys!