The Wesley Difference

Families choose Wesley Christian Academy because they want a complete education for their children. Wesley is committed to developing students into caring, well-rounded leaders who give back to the community. We do this through a combination of strong academics, varied extra-curricular programs and opportunities to contribute to local and global organizations.

Our academic program encourages Wesley students to do their best. Starting in Junior Kindergarten, children are introduced to Math, Language Arts, and a series of rotational DSC01080programs such as art and music. A strong foundation in phonics is also established in each child. This results in students who read from one to three grade levels above average by the end of Senior Kindergarten. Furthermore, it enables them to become strong spellers.  Students also learn to add, subtract and do word problems in Senior Kindergarten. This is built upon in Grade 1, and by the end of that grade, students can add with carrying, multiply, tell time to the minute, and solve complicated word problems. This puts them far above grade level in Mathematics as well. All teachers plan lessons that engage our students’ critical thinking skills so that students not only repeat the information, but truly understand how and why things work.

DSC_0199Wesley also offers a multitude of extra-curricular programs so students have the opportunity to excel in areas other than academics, ensuring they develop into well rounded and accomplished individuals. They can choose from band, theatre, sports, intramurals, fitness classes, science classes and many more. There is so much choice that every child will find something they will love. We believe that when a student excels in one area of his/her life, it builds confidence in all other areas.

DSC07301At Wesley, we encourage every child to step up into a leadership role. Students, as young as Grade 1, assist with tours, greet visitors as well as welcome the speakers for our chapel service.  As the students get older, they take on more responsibility and bigger leadership roles. However, they never forget that one of the most important attributes of a leader is to work together with those around you.  Through the leadership opportunities at the school, we have seen students develop greater confidence, stronger work ethic and excellent attitudes.

Sending your child to Wesley is a step to help your child develop into a multi-talented, educated and caring leader.  It opens up a multitude of possibilities for their future.  It is a reminder to your child of how much you believe in them, and the amazing potential that they possess.