Glimpse Into A Classroom: Grade 7 – Visual Arts: Cave Drawings

DSC09775Imagine going deep into a European cave and discovering amazing artwork all over the walls?  The students in Grades 7 examined the fascinating cave art found in European caves, particularly that found in the Lascaux Cave in France. By doing some research, some reading, and exploring the online virtual DSC09776tour of the cave, they were able to get a glimpse into these incredible, lasting examples of art from the prehistoric age.  This cave, discovered many years ago, is extremely interesting to archaeologists because of the vast number of paintings found on the walls in its many rooms and chambers.  Years ago, it was open to the public for visitors to explore, but has since been closed; instead, a museum that replicates many of the pieces found inside is open for visitors to see this amazing art for themselves.

DSC09761Through their exploration, the students realized that this prehistoric art, usually created using natural materials, involved very certain themes:  hunting scenes, animals, hand-prints, and early text forms.  They examined the types of animals usually found (there are a few examples of a unicorn!), what the various scenes may have represented, and how these prehistoric artists may have created these images.  Using this knowledge, students were given a blank sheet of paper and some pieces of charcoal to recreate the art themselves.  The incredible art that the students created clearly demonstrate the recurring themes that they saw, and have been laminated to protect the charcoal so they can be displayed and enjoyed.  Enjoy these replications of some prehistoric art! There are many more on our Facebook page.

DSC09796 DSC09791