Today’s Chapel Services

DSC03438The first elementary chapel service of the year was led this morning by Mr. Li, Miss Errington, Mrs. Vanterve, a few Grade 8 students, and a new face at the front – a djembe percussionist from Grade 4! A mix of familiar (e.g., The Creed, 10 000 Reasons) and fun songs (e.g. Ha La La La La) were sang and the scripture passage was taken from James 1: 19-27, with special emphasis on the verse from which our theme this year is taken.

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22

Pastor Leung from Flow Without Bounds Ministries was our guest speaker this morning. He started by asking everyone to raise their hands if they consider themselves a leader. A few students raised their hands as well as some teachers. He then stated that God has called us all to be leaders because whatever we do or say has an effect on others. Sometimes, leadership is needed from those who are not official leaders. Pastor Leung used the story of Joshua and the spies to make his point this morning. Despite opposition from the 10 other spies, Joshua and Caleb spoke up and DSC03445proclaimed that they would be able to defeat the current inhabitants of Canaan, but not because they were better fighters, smarter, or had more people than the Canaanites. He simply said they would be able to do it because the Lord was with them (Numbers 14:6-9). Pastor Leung explained that we lead best when we follow…God. If we read and hear God’s Word, he will be with us. We do not need something cool or catchy to lead. To end his message, Pastor Leung encouraged everyone to wave at each other and say,” Hey, let’s follow God together.” He concluded with a prayer, thanking God for making leadership easy for us by simply following Him, and for helping us realize that leadership does not need to come from official leaders only, but from all of us.

DSC03451For this school year, the ELC chapel service has been moved to the gym. Despite the large room, the SK1 class was able to lead the children in pledges and energetic praise. Miss Mak gave a short message about leadership as well. She started with a short demonstration with two of her students. DSC03528One was blindfolded and asked to look for a treasure box. She was not able to do it with the blindfold. However, once she had a classmate to guide her, they were able to do so. Miss Mak used Psalm 1 to explain that those who delight in God’s word, the Bible, will be blessed. She said that at home, our parents are our guides but at school, our teachers are our guides to learn to read, do math, and learn the Bible so we can make DSC03544good choices. Making good choices pleases God. Before she ended, she asked all the ELC teachers to stand up and introduced them. Then she prayed for the teachers and asked God to help them teach the children well this year and for the children to learn how to make good choices. Before the service ended, they sang the classic song, The B-I-B-L-E, again.

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