Today’s Chapel Services

DSC03431This calendar year’s first chapel service was led by Chapel Team #1. After the recitation of the pledges, the Lord’s Prayer and the singing of O Canada, the students launched into some enthusiastic singing and Scripture reading.

DSC03462To announce the Care and Share event for January, some of the grade 8 students performed a short skit . They will be leading the effort to collect 500 clothing items for The Scott Mission. Their specific goals are 150 pairs of NEW underwear, 150 pairs of NEW socks, and 200 used clothing items. Students can start bringing donations from Monday, January 22- Thursday, January 25th.DSC03467

The guest speaker this morning was Pastor Louis Leung from Flow Without Bounds Ministry. Since it was the first chapel service of 2018, he took the opportunity to talk about New Year’s resolutions. He recognized that his audience was young and probably did not have any major changes but suggested that their resolution may be to change the way they make choices. Then he shared Ephesians 4:22-24, a passage about taking off the “old” self (our old sinful manner) and putting on the “new” self (which was created to be like God, righteous and holy). He also mentioned the prophet Ezekiel who referred to this similar change as a removal of a heart of stone in exchange for a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26). He even pulled out one of his old shirts that had a whole and shared how he chose not to wear that shirt today. Next, he told a

DSC03497personal story in which God helped him to stay calm while helping a very angry, upset and bereaved friend who was a non-believer. During the course of roughly a week, right before Christmas, there were several phone conversations and face to face meetings between Pastor Leung and his friend during which it would have been very easy for Pastor Leung to push back the frustration, anger and grief that was being hurled at him. However, God told him to put on his “heart of flesh” and to show calm, patience, and compassion. God encouraged him to keep offering support to this friend but he found it difficult. Eventually, the friend calmed down and started to see God’s hand in everything that was happening in his life. Pastor Leung concluded by challenging the students to leave their “old” clothes from 2017 behind, and encouraged them to put on a new heart of flesh and to put on love with every opportunity. He prayed for them, acknowledging and thanking God for loving us first. He asked Him to help us to choose to be a new person – holy, compassionate and full of love.

DSC03544The ELC chapel this morning was led by a mix of classes. A few PK1 students led the pledges and singing of O Canada. Mrs. Brown from PK2 and Miss Joseph, with the help of Miss Hau, led a very energetic round of singing songs with actions. The message this morning came in the form of a Veggie Tales video. It was short but poignant, reinforcing the concept that “God Loves Me”. To conclude, Mrs. Brown led the students in prayer.

DSC03550 DSC03551

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