WCA Graduation & Awards Night 2017

DSC01006Yesterday was a beautiful evening for our annual Graduation & Awards Night at Wismer Baptist Church. Our energetic emcees, Chloe and Michael from Grade 6, welcomed everyone promptly at 7:00pm and introduced two members of the Prayer Team to open the evening with a prayer of thanksgiving.

The first group of awards were the Character Awards. Wesley introduced seven of them last year.

  • Nehemiah Award for PersDSC01083everance
  • Ruth Award for Loyalty
  • Paul Award for Stewardship
  • Barnabas Award for Encouragement
  • Daniel Award for Integrity
  • Jonathan Award for Friendship

A number of students from different grades were recognized by their homeroom teachers but not every grade had winners for each of these awards.

DSC01200For the SK Graduation, all of the students sang a song in Mandarin. Two students even had a solo part! These young students did amazingly well, singing before a packed audience. After their performance, they stood patiently as individual awards were handed out.

DSC01467For the Grade 8 Graduation, Mr. Li did something new this year. As the students were called up, he revealed how long he/she had been at Wesley. Most of the students had been there since PK, Kindergarten, or Grade 1. Only three students came later. Once could tell how close these 19 students are, especially as they were listening to the descriptions of the various award winners. They cheered for each other and smiled incessantly.

DSC01584The valedictorian for the class of 2017 was Andrew. He gave a memorable speech full of encouragement and humour. The most amusing and meaningful part was when he shared a special memory of each of the students, including mischievous acts done in French class!

DSC01821 (1)After the valedictorian’s speech, the traditional awards such as the ACE (award for consistency in attitude towards work and school, a cooperative spirit and excellence in effort), General Proficiency (Highest Average per grade), Gauss Math Competition Award, Athlete of the Year (Male and Female), Musician of the Year, and Principal’s Award, were given out to deserving students.

DSC01893This year, Mrs. Serio did not deliver an address but chose to say a few words before announcing the winners of the Principal’s Awards. She addressed the students, telling them that whether they have won an award tonight or not, they all need to keep striving because there will always be someone out there who will try to or can do better. She encouraged them to do their best in all circumstances.

After the well anticipated slide show featuring the Class of 2017 and a second one showcasing some of the best moments at Wesley this year, the emcees wrapped up the evening. Everyone walked away with a smile. It was another incredible year at Wesley. We had a chance to salute the graduating students, celebrate the many successes and achievements of our student body, and recognize specific individual achievement.

Blessings to those families who will be leaving our Wesley fold and also to those who will be returning in September. Have a wonderful summer!

Be sure to look at the pictures on our Facebook page of this event!


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