WCA Winter Olympics – Curling!

DSC06611Since Friday’s announcements, the Wesley students have been engaging in variations of some of the Winter Olympic sports that are taking place in Pyeong Chang right now. Medal counts have been proudly displayed on the bulletin board in front of the gym, and students gather regularly to check the latest tally.DSC06608

Earlier this week, the grade 5 class challenged each other in “curling”. Each squad represented one of four countries: Canada, Sweden, Korea and Hong Kong. Mr. Li explained the “rules” of curling at Wesley and gave a formidable demonstration himself. The students had to “slide” on scooters and throw a beanbag (the curling stone) into a set DSC06034of hula hoops. The bean bags in the middle circle got 5 points and the others in any of the other circles received 2 points. It took a few tries for some of the students to get the hang of it but eventually, they were all able to balance on the scooter and use their hand-eye coordination to launch the beanbags accurately onto the hoops.

DSC06065DSC06068 DSC06099

At the end of the grade 5 gym class, team Canada won the gold medal. One student asked if they could sing the national anthem. Mr. Li nodded and the entire class proudly belted out O Canada!


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